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Donations / Sponsorship

Sponsorship Programs

We appreciate the consideration of having Edison Cycle Co LLC support your organization or event.Sponsorship Programs

As a local small business, we love to be able to give back to the community that supports us! Because we receive a large number of requests, we have set parameters and criteria to evaluate such requests. Please understand that if we cannot fulfill your request, it is not a reflection on the quality or value of your project, but instead is a reflection of the sheer number of requests received as compared to the available resources.

There are two avenues of support available:

Educational/Community Programs (primary form of support for auctions and raffles)
Event/Team Sponsorships

Please fill out the online form for the appropriate category: Educational/Community Program or Event/Team Sponsorship. We will evaluate every request that falls within the guidelines outlined and give you a response within 30 days of your request. Thank you!

Must be a valid e-mail address, e.g.